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Unique jewelry with character, this is what the GothRider® Premium Collection is about.

Looking for badass skull rings, necklaces, charms or simply something unique, we will certainly match your taste.

Our Premium Collection is made with the best material available of Sterling Silver .925. We have a wide selection of natural & certified precious stones that can match your birthstone. 

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We want to assure you that our exclusive jewelry, custom-made from precious metals by our artisan jewelers, is of the highest quality. In this guide, you’ll discover how to choose just the right piece to make your rock & roll heart sing—or steal someone’s heart. 

Armed with knowledge from our guide, you can relax and impress that special someone. Your soulful stories and attitude match ours. You want jewelry that reflects you and your personality, because you’re one of a kind. Shouldn’t your jewelry be, too?
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